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  • Switch Java versions on Mac OS X

    Note: At the time of writing, the OS in question is Mac OS X High Sierra 10.13.6. Mac OS X contains a rudimentary amount of developer tools underneath the shiny user interface. These packaged tools get outdated very fast, and developers are left scrambling to get the updated tools installed. Java, as a matter of […]

  • Rabbit Hole: Updating Server

    It hadn’t had to be this way. But rabbit holes happen all the time. This time, it is no different. The starting point? InvoiceNinja. InvoiceNinja is a Laravel based invoicing system. Its primary job, as you guess it, is to issue invoices. Now, why does an analytics consultant need an invoicing system, especially when he […]

  • I got a confession to make

    I got a confession to make

    But I doubt it is the one that you would want to hear. Not now. Everyone has chains to break. I am no exception. But it seems that I can’t break this one, despite me moving on. I may have waited for far too long. 10 years too long. Despite meeting up months after months, […]