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Harmony@Workplaces Photo Contest: Celebrating Harmony at Work

Harmony@Workplaces Photo Contest: Celebrating Harmony at Work

The annual Harmony@Workplaces Photo Contest is back for a third year! The contest, organised by the Ministry of Manpower’s Community Engagement Programme Unit, will take place from 11 May to 26 June 2015.


The Harmony@Workplaces Photo Contest is open to all working adults in Singapore aged 18 and above. To participate, participants will have to submit photographs that display camaraderie and team spirit at work on the Harmony@Workplaces Facebook page. Winners of the photo contest stand to win over $3,000 worth of cash prizes.


Singapore is a cosmopolitan city with a diverse dynamic workforce consisting of people of different races, religions and cultural backgrounds. A harmonious workplace where colleagues work well together helps to boost morale, inspire positive contributions and improve employee well-being, as well as work satisfaction. Employees also tend to perform better when they get along well with their colleagues. This can translate to enhanced performance, better employee retention and an improved competitive advantage for employers.


For the workaholics amongst the Raffles Place crowd, do take your lunch time off on 22 May and head down to Chevron House with your colleagues to have your photos taken together. These photos will be included in the competition. Not only that, there are games and goodies bags (containing exclusive EZ-link cards and other awesome goodies) to be received by you! To sweeten the deal, a sweet treat will be offered to you upon liking Harmony@Workplaces Facebook page!


Comex 2014: Logitech Flyers

Comex 2014: Logitech Flyers

Below are Logitech flyers for Comex 2014.

Here are some highlighted deals from Logitech and Ultimate Ears:

  1. Gear up to compete with other gamers with Logitech G products such as the G502 at $99.00 with exclusive free gifts
  2. Get the UE products such as UE Mini BOOM at just $99.00 (U.P.$129) with exclusive freebies
  3. Protect your iPad Air and iPad mini with Logitech folios at discounted prices with exclusive freebies

Note: Logitech’s booth is located on the fourth floor instead of sixth floor as indicated in the flyers. Click on the thumbnails for larger images.

News: Archifest, a Festival of Ideas for the City Returns for Eighth Year with New Theme – ‘CROWD’

News: Archifest, a Festival of Ideas for the City Returns for Eighth Year with New Theme – ‘CROWD’

Singapore, 5 August 2014 – Singapore’s annual premiere architecture festival, Archifest – a Festival of Ideas for the City – returns for its eighth year with a new theme, ‘CROWD’, that seeks to open up the discussion to investigate how the notion of Crowd operates and contributes to architecture and urbanism. Organised by the Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA), Archifest 2014 will present architecture in a  relevant, and engaging way, strengthening the affinity between architecture and people, through a line-up of exhibitions, activities and speakers that architects, students and the public can look forward to.

“Archifest is an event for everybody, from architects and expertise from the industry to the public. It is also an invaluable platform to showcase the forward thinking ideas and technology in the name of design excellence. SIA hopes to be able to utilise Archifest as a valuable contribution to the profession and public”, declared by SIA’s President, Mr Theodore Chan.

The two week-long festival will explore the idea of ‘CROWD’ in its different meanings and contexts, specifically in the categories of Collective Intelligence and Community Capital. Some of the key highlights include a pop-up café in collaboration with Toby’s Estate; a Conference headlining international and local speakers; a series of installations, workshops, tours and sharing sessions showcasing architecture projects; and other fringe events.

“The theme of ‘CROWD’ this year holds abundant possibilities, we hope to create an in-depth discourse especially in the aspect of the two subthemes, Collective Intelligence and Community Capital, during the festival. We are looking forward to seeing the community coming together in the conference, sharing sessions, workshops and other activities of Archifest 2014 in sharing of locals and international architectural works and ideas”, explained the Festival Committee Chairman, Mr Patrick Lee.

Archifest 2013, attended by more than 30,000 visitors, presented the theme ‘Small is Beautiful’ which showcased communities, businesses and ideas that may be small by choice and circumstance, but are large in ambition and impact.

With the six key pillars of this year, namely Archifest Pavilion, Urban Lab, Archifest Conference, Architours, Fringe and Archxpo, Archifest 2014 aims to continue bringing great minds and people together to share ideas, collaborate and form collectives to create even better places for the public.


The Archifest Pavilion is the main base where the various events and activities start from or run within the space, and will physically embody the spirit of this year’s theme ‘CROWD’.

The Archifest 2014 Pavilion Design Competition received 28 design proposals – the highest number of entries received since the inaugural competition in 2012 – and for the first time, was awarded to two winning teams instead of one, after two rounds of judging.

Mr Theodore Chan commented, “The winning entries were chosen based on how well this year’s theme was encompassed in their designs. Each winning submission is independently exceptional. This unprecedented outcome is due to the highest quality of the winning submissions and the intensity of the design competition recording the highest number of top quality submissions in the history of Archifest. Both design proposals have shown great flexibility in accommodating various people and the different activities, as well as, showcasing the architectural idea of people and their ability to empower change within the city. We are excited to see how collaboration between the two winners will culminate towards the Archifest 2014 pavilion.”

Situated at Marina Bay Sands Events Plaza, the Archifest Pavilion will be the physical manifestation of the combined ideas between the two winning teams, Architect Fong Hoo Cheong of ‘HCF and Associates’; and Architect Kelvin Kan and Lead Designer Shinya Okuda of ‘AgFacadesign and NUS’.


A key highlight of Archifest 2014 is Urban Lab, a series of workshops, installations, and sharing sessions, that are aimed at enhancing and facilitating knowledge-sharing and collaboration amongst design and architecture schools and students in Singapore.

In collaboration with tertiary schools and universities, Urban Lab challenged design and architecture students to create installations that incorporate the idea of ‘CROWD’, with relevance to each of the school’s curriculum. The public can look forward to selected student works exhibited at the Pavilion,
coming from National University of Singapore, Nanyang Polytechnic, Ngee Ann Polytechnic and Singapore Polytechnic.

In line with the theme ‘CROWD’, a series of Crowd Pricing Workshops, co-curated with Haystakt will take place at the Pavilion during the weekends of the festival for the public to participate. Haystakt is a crowd pricing platform and marketplace for individuals to sell their independent design products. The idea of crowd pricing is that when more people purchase, the cheaper the price. Involved parties, who are running their workshops with this model of Crowd Pricing, include Wholesome Co and U Grow Gardens. Moreover, other sharing sessions and workshops will be organized for the students with the support of the architects, such as the Parametric Design Workshop.


The Archifest Conference will take place on Monday, 29 September 2014 at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre (Hall D and E) to coincide with the SIA Design Awards Presentation Ceremony, which recognises the outstanding architecture projects in 2014, where the winners will share the design concepts and philosophies behind their work.

The Conference will feature Mr Paul Noritaka Tange, Founder and President of the internationally acclaimed Tange Associates from Japan, and Mr Tan Cheng Siong of Archurban Architects & Planners from Singapore, as its keynote speakers. They will be speaking on the subjects of Collective Intelligence and Community Capital – how people and ideas are connected through places they share to produce a greater impact, and leverage on social capital in building better places for everybody.

The conference will also invite renowned architects from Singapore and around the world, such as Jerry Ong of CPG Consultants Pte Ltd.; Tay Kheng Soon of Akitek Tenggara; Joshua Bolchover, professor from University of Hong Kong; Karen Tan, the founder of Pocket Projects; Huang Sheng-yuan from Fieldoffice Architects in Taiwan; Tay Lai Hock from Ground-up Initiative, to explore various facets of the theme ‘Crowd’.

World Architecture Festival will happen on 1-3 October 2014. Archifest Conference replenishes and organizes in this important event in the architecture industry calendar. October will definitely be an exciting month for the industry with the alliance generated by these two festivals.


The highly popular Architours, curated by The Architecture Society of the National University of Singapore (NUS) return once again for two weekends. Intended to give the public a glimpse into award winning projects, these tours will be guided by architects and students who will be sharing their special insights and knowledge about the projects. There will be three tours for 12 locations, including Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall, The Sandcrawler – the regional headquarters for Lucasfilm Singapore, HDB Centre of Building Research (CBR) and more.


Fringe events for this year’s festival will feature new partners and exciting projects such as the collaboration with KEEPERS Pop-up store at Orchard Green, in collaboration of Singapore designers and artisans to showcase features retail from furniture to fashion to food, as well as an event series
including a nostalgic scent workshop to revivals of vanishing crafts.

Also, expect to see Architecture Walking Tours, Perspectives Film Festival 2014 by students from the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information of Nanyang Technological University, talks organized by Singapore Architect Magazine and so on.

With various programmes celebrating architecture for crowd, this year looks to be another exciting edition of Archifest 2014. As outlined by Mervin Tan, the Festival Team Director, “Archifest is an opportune platform to heighten the voices from individuals with the same tune of this year’s theme. We collaborate closely with our partners to develop ideas for the festival. Public can look forward to a more tightly curated festival, with a varied activities such as sharing sessions, workshops and others under the umbrella topic of ‘CROWD’.”

Archifest has become a Singapore’s annual architecture festival of ideas for the city since 2007. Organised by Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA), this year’s is co-curated and produced by PLUS Collaboratives and supported by Design Singapore Council, Urban Development Authority and Marina Bay Sands Singapore. It returns with a brand new theme – ‘CROWD’, running from 26 September to 11 October 2014. In addition to the popular festival highlights comprising the Archifest Pavilion, Archifest Conference, Architours, Urban Lab, SIA Design Awards Presentation Ceremony, and Fringe
Events, the Festive has a new addition ArchXpo.


ArchXpo 2014 is the latest addition to the key pillars of the Archifest series. It is the International Exhibition for Architecture & The Built Environment which is co-organised by Singapore Institute of Architects and Conference & Exhibition Management Services Pte Ltd. It will showcase the relevant technologies, products and related services in the architectural and built environment industries. Also, it is a comprehensive and integrated platform for the professions and business community from the industry to exchange ideas of research and innovation in architectural and built environment design,
practice and education.

Archifest 2014 runs from 26 September to 11 October 2014 at Marina Bay Sands Event Plaza, Expo & Convention Center, 10 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018956.

Architours and other third-party events and promotions running in conjunction or in celebration of Archifest 2014 will take place in various locations around Singapore.

For more information and details about Archifest 2014, please visit:

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News: Fox International Channels Takes New Chinese Drama Series ‘Tiger Mom’ Global

News: Fox International Channels Takes New Chinese Drama Series ‘Tiger Mom’ Global

Singapore, 13 August 2014 – FOX International Channels (FIC) has announced that it has entered into an agreement with New Classics Media (NCM), a China-based film and television company, which grants FIC the exclusive broadcast and distribution rights in all markets outside of mainland China for NCM’s new modern-family comedy/drama series, Tiger Mom. The series will launch on STAR Chinese Channel (SCC), FIC’s leading Chinese entertainment channel, in various territories around the world at the same time as in mainland China. This is FIC’s first collaboration on a China-produced television series, as well as the most comprehensive partnership FIC has embarked on with a China-based media corporation to date.

This is a milestone for FIC in its roadmap to taking Chinese content global. Whilst both production quality and demand for the content around the world are high, cases of made-in-China television series successfully crossing over to territories outside of the domestic market has been rare. As an international media company with deep roots and extensive operations and experience in Asia, FIC is in the ideal position to push forward this wave of Chinese content around the world. Through this partnership, Tiger Mom will gain access to markets worldwide through FIC’s global presence as well as the opportunity to leverage the network’s extensive international broadcasting, packaging and marketing experience, allowing it to reach more audiences in markets including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea, Australasia, Europe, North and South America, Middle East and Africa.

Cora Yim, Senior Vice President of the Chinese Channels Group at FOX International Channels, said, “Not only has the quantity of drama series made in mainland China increased significantly over the last several years, but so has the quality, yet very few have successfully been exported to overseas markets, except for maybe a few period dramas. It is our goal at FIC to bridge the gap between great Chinese content and the clear demand for it around the world. We have been steadily investing in Asian and Chinese channels and content for over 2 decades so we are in a great position to lead the charge in catering to this demand.”

WANG Qiao, International Business Director of New Classics Media, adds, “This collaboration with FOX International Channels will enable us to have a more comprehensive access to the international mass media. Through larger distribution networks, as well as more professional programme packaging and broadcasting methods, this will allow more audiences overseas to enjoy authentic Chinese TV programmes, with values that shape mainstream Chinese culture. ”

The series’ celebrity cast, cross-over ability of its theme and the reputation of NCM were factors which drove FIC’s decision to make Tiger Mom its first foray into produced-in-China drama series. Cora Yim explains, “The term ‘Tiger Mom’ is a hot buzz phrase in pop culture right now, driven by the stereotype of the determined, tough-love Asian mother with extremely high expectations of her children, so we saw an opportunity to capitalize on this trend with this series. Coupled with the theme of children’s education which is a relevant and hotly debated topic everywhere, we believe this show has legs and marketability outside of China and has the potential to be as successful overseas as Chinese historical and martial arts shows and movies have been in the past. ” She adds, “We’ve been patiently waiting for the right project and partner to jump into content produced in China. When Tiger Mom came along we just felt everything was right, from the theme to the cast to the production company. NCM does fantastic work and we believe we’ve found the right partner.”

Tiger Mom explores love, relationships and the challenges of raising a child in modern day China. The series follows a set of parents and their young daughter. Smart, successful in their careers and happy with their home life, the couple feels blessed, however turmoil begins when their daughter starts school and their darling angel seems to be behind all her peers and unable keep up. Conflict arises between the type-A ‘tiger mom’ and the more docile ‘cat’ dad in their methods to get their daughter up to speed. It’s the battle between ‘tiger’ and ‘cat,’ with their family’s happiness hanging in the balance. Tiger Mom stars Zhao Wei and Tong Dawei, renowned actors recognized in China and overseas amongst Chinese content fans. The series also marks Zhao Wei’s highly anticipated return to the screen after a 6 year hiatus.

Tiger Mom 虎妈猫爸

STAR Chinese Channel 卫视中文台

StarHub TV Ch. 822 and SingTel mio TV Ch. 507

News: LG Celebrates Singapore’s National Day with New Colours for G3

News: LG Celebrates Singapore’s National Day with New Colours for G3

SINGAPORE, AUGUST 8, 2014 – With National Day just around the corner, LG Electronics will be issuing two new colors for the LG G3. Take your pick from Burgundy Red or Moon Violet and be sure to celebrate the nation’s birthday in style!

The LG G3 features metallic skin back cover that provides a better grip, is lightweight and fingerprint resistant. Functions of the LG G3 include the rear key buttons, 13 Megapixel camera with Optimal Image Stabilizer and Laser Focus, Smart Notice and Knock CodeTM.

The LG G3 retails for S$928 for the 32GB model. LG is also offering a free Red/ White  color Quick CircleTM (Snap-On) Case with every purchase of G3 between the 9th to 15th of August while stock last. The Burgundy Red and Moon Violet G3 will be available at M1, StarHub, SingTel and other LG Mobile authorized resellers from 9 August 2014.

For more information on LG G3, please visit

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News: STAR Chinese Movies’ 20th Anniversary: Flashes of Chinese Cinema

News: STAR Chinese Movies’ 20th Anniversary: Flashes of Chinese Cinema

Singapore, 8 August 2014 – In commemoration of its 20th anniversary, STAR Chinese Movies (SCM), a subsidiary of FOX International Channels, will partner with SingTel mio TV to host SCM 20th Anniversary: Flashes of Chinese Cinema, a showcase of iconic film posters featuring movies from 1994 to 2013, from 11 August through till 14 September. The film posters will be showcased in Jurong Point, Tampines Mall and Compass Point.

Since its launch in May 1994, SCM has been at the forefront of introducing Hong Kong movies to the world.  To date, it has more than 1,000 titles in its film inventory and has established deals and partnerships with major distribution and production companies, including Emperor Motion pictures, Media Asia, China Star Entertainment and Pegasus Motion Pictures.

SCM was the first Chinese channel to provide premium content like movies, awards shows, concerts & award-winning documentaries in high-definition, video-on-demand service and digital service through web and app for viewers on the go.  In addition, SCM’s involvement in original productions have captured the local cultures and hearts of audiences in many countries like Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Thailand, and even Australia, US and North America.

As part of its 20th Anniversary celebration, SCM presents a showcase of film posters from 20 iconic movies from 1994 to 2014 that have a significant meaning and/or have impacted the movie industry.

SCM 20th Anniversary: Flashes of Chinese Cinema

11th to 17th August 2014

Jurong Point

JP 1, Level 1 @ SingTel Mio TV Booth

25th to 31st August 2014

Tampines Mall

Level 1 @ SingTel Mio TV Booth

8th to 14th September 2014

Compass Point

Level 1 @ SingTel Mio TV Booth