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Month: August 2014

Comex 2014: Logitech Flyers

Comex 2014: Logitech Flyers

Below are Logitech flyers for Comex 2014.

Here are some highlighted deals from Logitech and Ultimate Ears:

  1. Gear up to compete with other gamers with Logitech G products such as the G502 at $99.00 with exclusive free gifts
  2. Get the UE products such as UE Mini BOOM at just $99.00 (U.P.$129) with exclusive freebies
  3. Protect your iPad Air and iPad mini with Logitech folios at discounted prices with exclusive freebies

Note: Logitech’s booth is located on the fourth floor instead of sixth floor as indicated in the flyers. Click on the thumbnails for larger images.

Singapore Night Festival 2014

Singapore Night Festival 2014

I went to Singapore Night Festival 2014 on the opening night, 22nd August 2014. This year’s theme is “Bold and Beautiful”. Singapore Night Festival is held around the main museum belt, encompassing Singapore Management University, featuring a lineup of local and international artists.

Singapore Night Festival 2014 | Facebook

After walking about for a couple of hours with friends from HackerspaceSG, I noticed that the crowd is more muted, less dense than before. The main feature however is a huge draw for me: William Close’ Earth Harp. William transformed the National Museum of Singapore into a giant string instrument. Not only that he also showcased two other of his creations, the Drum Cloud and a wearable Drum Jacket. Being someone who is more inclined to music, it is definite must see performance.

Sights and thoughts from cycling from home to work and back

Sights and thoughts from cycling from home to work and back

I started work the week after I had my graduation ceremony and my bone marrow donation procedure. During the two weeks after work started, I could not do what I wanted to do: Cycling to work. I could not sit still anymore after two weeks and bought a road bike on one Saturday.

New bicycle! Bought and immediately parked it at HackerspaceSG.
New bicycle! Bought and immediately parked it at HackerspaceSG.

The path to work is reasonable for a cyclist, through Kallang Riverside Park, passes through Marina Bay Sands’ waterfront promenade, Marina Bay Financial Centre and then the office at Asia Square.

I deliberately avoid the roads as much as possible. My elder brother, who works in a hospital, said that he had seen many cases of cyclists being sent to A&E after being knocked down by fast moving vehicles, only to lose their lives there despite the best efforts.

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I went cycling on the roads once before with SMUX Biking Team. Though that was on a weekend and in a group, the dangers are real. Despite numerous trials and calls for safer roads, Singapore is still not bicycle friendly.

The path back to home is more scenic. The path I took has Marina Barrage and the new National Stadium up close.

Though longer, it is pretty much rewarding with surprising shots below:

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Cycling at night makes me realise that I need more accessories. Currently, my bicycle is equipped only with a small white LED light. I will have to get red lights for the back and a higher powered white light to illuminate the dim path in the park.

Nonetheless, there are positive benefits from cycling which has impacted on me thus far. I lost whatever weight I gained from eating at Google. My sleeping pattern is more regulated and normalised. I get tired early now. With my body and mind shutting down at around 10pm now, it pushes my bed time from 2am to 11pm or before. I wake up early as well, easily at about 6am if I didn’t had late nights. My skin condition is better now too, with lesser blackheads and pimples.

Pentatonix in Singapore

Pentatonix in Singapore

I caught the last show that Pentatonix had in Singapore last Thursday, buying the tickets at the last moment despite raising it up much earlier on Facebook.

It was awesome. I mean, they sounded awesome over YouTube and iTunes. But hearing them live simply blow your mind off. The harmonies were great and the chemistry between the members was electrifying.

A thumbs down for not allowing DSLRs and other cameras into the theatre, and yet allowing the audience to whip out their phones and start photographing and recording the show. Heck, there’re some even recorded the entire performance from their seats. I am guilty of this as well. Sometimes, I do wish that we can live in the moment of time, commit it to our memories instead of taking out our electronic devices and record. There professional recordings which we can entertain ourselves with, rather than our poor, amateurish attempts.

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At the end of the show, I decided to buy their Vol II. To my much contentment, I enjoy the CD as much as it is when its live… OK, not as much as when live, but close enough.

RedMart has fresh eggs now!

RedMart has fresh eggs now!

I ordered some items from RedMart for HackerspaceSG before and they have been sending EDMs with promotions for the week and stuff. Just today, they sent another email which I think would get everyone excited:

RedMart’s EDM announcing fresh eggs in stall.
RedMart is carrying Chew's branded eggs in the online shop with guranteed 16+ days freshness
RedMart is carrying Chew’s branded eggs in the online shop with guranteed 16+ days freshness.

Is this a herald of something fresh coming? Possibly, since RedMart has publicly indicated that they want to sell fresh food:

Start Singapore: Redmart to sell fresh food online

The beginning of an end – Lavender Food Square

The beginning of an end – Lavender Food Square

Last night, I went to Lavender Food Square for a dinner with friends from HackerspaceSG. Most Singaporeans would know that LFS will be closing in a month’s or two time…

Lavender Food Square at Jalan Besar closing down to make way for rent-seeking capitalists

[mclear][/mclear]I ordered one of my favourite dishes, Popiah, and the stall owner had put up a notice of impending stall closure…

2014-08-18 19.46.12

Dear Customers,

Thank you for your support!

Our last day of operation will be on 23/09/2014.

We will move to Balestier Food Centre (beside Boon Tong Kee) and resume business on 1/11/2014.

HP (Handphone): 9787 1135

… and the location of their new stall!

2014-08-18 19.46.08

The one month break in operations serves as a holiday break for the operators according to the staff. The adjacent carrot cake store is still firming up its relocation plans.

Time to start asking the other stalls for their closure dates and relocation plans!