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Month: December 2012

Abraham Lincoln’s Quote as Facebook Cover Picture

Abraham Lincoln’s Quote as Facebook Cover Picture

I was reading Advice: What is the worst advice you’ve ever been given? and the answers. London Rook’s answer strikes me the most as it reminded me of a Chinese parable of one waiting by a tree for a rabbit to be struck by the tree after watching one foolishly did that.


Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.

Simply put, we get to enjoy the fruits of our own labour. No doing anything, hoping for rewards is virtually impossible. Even striking a lottery who require the winner to make an effort to buy the winning ticket.
Here is a Facebook cover picture that I cobbled up, hoping to remind oneself (yes, narcissist much I am) and those who visit my Facebook profile page would be remind of fruitful labours.


Back to the Chinese parable. It became an idiom which most Chinese students would come to learn: 守株待兔.
During the Song Dynasty, there was a farmer who had a farmland with a large tree. One day while working on the land, he observed a rabbit which suddenly running towards the land, violently crashing into that large tree and dead with a fractured neck. That farmer went over and picked the now dead rabbit, excited said, “I didn’t have to put in my efforts and yet pick up such a prize. I can have a good meal when I return!” He then took the rabbit home. While walking back, he thought, “Lady Luck is certainly on my side. Who knows that tomorrow shall yield the same result as today! I shall not let go of this opportunity.”
On the second day, he went back to the land, not to till, but to wait by that large tree, waiting for another rabbit crashing into it. The day ended without any happenings. He was however unhappy and from then on, waited for another rabbit day after day. Naturally, his farmland became choke full of weed and he had yet to collect another rabbit from the tree.
Note: anyone can download the image and use it on their own Facebook page/profile or anywhere else.
This post also appears on Quora: Photoshopping in 30 minutes.
Alienware opens a brand new cyber-café at Chinatown

Alienware opens a brand new cyber-café at Chinatown

Alienware opens a brand new cyber-café, a second with Alienware Arena brand, in the heart of Chinatown at Lucky Chinatown building. Situated at the third floor, it is simply spacious, with plenty of room for 140 gamers at full capacity, floor space for a tournament event and an Alienware concept shop. All the gaming rigs are X51 machines, easily making it one of the better equipped cyber-cafés I have visited.

The folks at XPR had kindly invited me and a bunch of bloggers to tour the Arena, and had a tournament-styled Blackshot game among the 20-odd of us. Being a casual gamer, it is certainly an unique experience to sit up on the gaming stage, and have friends commenting on the awesome skills that we all displayed through the individualised TV screens.

The operation hours of the cyber-café is between 10.30am to 3am. And oh, they have a free-play promotion that ends later in the day. Head down to the Arena between 10.30am to 6pm to enjoy free play hours on their x51 gaming rig.

Neighbour That Left Us Speechless

Neighbour That Left Us Speechless

Last night, I was bobbing my head to the music being played on through the Zune player that my brother left behind from his backpacking trip to UK, walking to the lift lobby. Upon reaching the lift lobby, there was a group of neigbours waiting for the lift to arrive. It was pretty much unusual on a Sunday night.

Apparently, one of the two lifts was spoilt. So we waited for the remaining lift to arrive, hoping that it would not be spoilt as well. The lift came and went, and I gave it a miss. It was overloaded with me around. It is kind of routine, especially since the lift is getting old. I suspect that the technicians are actively adjusting the weight limits down as the lift suffers from wear and tear.

While waiting for the next lift, 3 groups of neighbours came back: 1 pair of siblings near my age, a family of 3, and an uncle. The lift came. And the door opened halfway. Everyone was surprised, thinking “Oh crap, the only lift is going to spoil.”

But the doors for this lift has been wonky for the entire day. Earlier in the day, the lift door refused to close unless the close button was pressed for more than 50% of the door closing time. So I went ahead and just pull the door open and entered the lift.

The siblings and the uncle went ahead with me once they saw the door opened fully. The son in the family wanted to, before the mother stopped him:

“Wait. Let’s take the next lift.”

Everyone in the lift was surprised once more. We were much in shock over this and commented to each other in the lift what a poor neighbour this lady is.

I guess this is the effect on us living in HDB flats, not close to each other, having a shut door policy. From young, I am more familiar with the neighbours living closer to my unit (that is one floor down and on the floor itself). It was one of the rare times I spoke to the siblings and the uncle and when I do, it was usually in the lift and the conversation starters were usually of the older generation.

I guess it is about time for the younger neighbours to start talking to each other.

[Video] Brand New Life

[Video] Brand New Life

Sometimes when life hits a rough patch, you would have to have the associated bad memories erased, forgotten… Sometimes, to the extend of the forgetting oneself.

Once, I wished I had the “Memory Whitening Water” in the following short film. Once. And hopefully, that is the last.