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Month: February 2012

[Product Review] Logitech® Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800

[Product Review] Logitech® Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800

Earlier in the month, I received a marvellous keyboard set from the guys at XPR for a review: Logitech’s Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800. I had it tested for about two weeks.

The keyboard allows for comfortable long usage. The individual keys are spaced out far enough to allow my rather pump fingers to type. Furthermore, the backlight allows me to type in the dark, which I do at times at night. The function keys are placed in convenient positions as well. The highly utilised keys such as playback, volume controls are placed on the right side, which corresponds with the right dominant hand. There is also a power indicator, which is placed beside the power switch, indicating the strength of the internal battery left.

However, one gripe that I have is that I am unable to visually confirm if the CAPS Lock is activated. There is a LED light for the NUM Lock function. However, this is not so for the CAPS Lock. Being one who codes more than playing games, this is a little annoyance that I have.

The Unifying receiver is great as well as it would allow me to use a single USB receiver to use both mouse and keyboard. However, this is true only if the mouse is also using the same Unifying receiver. I am using Microsoft Touch Mouse at the moment. Thus this advantage is lost out on me.

Overall, K800 is a great keyboard to use, be it for your games or office work. However, I won’t be getting new keyboards anytime soon. Especially when everything is functioning fine at home.

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New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions

I know that this post is rather late. In fact, it is 35 days late. But who cares? Cause I have sorted out what I want to do for the year, or roughly I guess…

First, starting off from where I am now…

Currently, I have insanely huge amount of commitments. Yes, my bad habit is starting to appear again. I guess I would resign to it, unless I seek professional help over this.

Commitment Forecast – 2012

Jan – Apr
(Semester 2, Academic Year 2011)
Studies: 5.5CUsCCAs: Chamber Choir (inactive), Recreational Tennis, Ventures, SAAT (Personal Development and Events Director)

Work: OSL (under the Work Study Grant)


May – Jul
(Summer break)
Work: Internship, and remaining work left at OSLExternal:
Aug – Dec
(Semester 1, Academic Year 2012)
Studies: ~3.5CUs + ACCA (2-3 papers)CCAs: As listed, pending changes.


That been said, I probably would have to set a modest target point to reach. Otherwise, I would be killing myself needlessly over this.

Targets to meet in 2012

Studies Improve GPA by one grade point (Yes, I am that close)
Work Produce satisfactory results and work
Others Get an internshipGet an exchange offer

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