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Month: August 2011

Connectify: your solution to setting up a private network

Connectify: your solution to setting up a private network

Previously in one of my screenshots, my iPod Touch was connected to a network names robertsky. At the point in time, I was in school and I do not have a router with me. Neither do I have phone which is smart enough to be an access point. Instead, I was running that network off my laptop. I forgotten to switch it off at that point in time.

Windows has the capabilities to do so. However, it can be quite troublesome. And I do not have the time to manually set up a hotspot for my laptop. Instead, I turn to Connectify.

Connectify is a software that enables you to share your internet connection via wifi, thus becoming a hotspot of its own. It can also turn your laptop or computer (as long as there is a wifi card on it) into a repeater, thus extending the range of your network. It makes everything fuss-free by automating the hotstop set-up.

I have been using this software since June and it has helped me to mainly connect my devices to the internet. However, do note that using this software may violate the network’s AUP. A negative scenario can be: Connectify User (CU) decides to share his office network, which somehow spills over into the neighbouring cafe, with external parties such as visiting friends and business partners. By using Connectify, the network is shared. However, what is unknown to CU is that one of the connected device has a hidden payload waiting to be activated… OK. Enough of the negative stuff. I doubt it will happen anyway. It is a great tool and when used responsibly.

Connectify comes in two flavours: free and paid. The free version is sufficient for daily usage, while the paid one… Till now I have no idea how much of the paid features I will be using. Download the free version and give it a twirl. But please, do not kill the airwaves with too many new connectify networks.


Disclaimer: Other than using Connectify for my personal use, I do not have any connections with the firm/group behind this software. I don’t mind a free license key to the latest version though. Heh.

Quick Tip: WLAN-SMU for iDevices

Quick Tip: WLAN-SMU for iDevices


The University has recently updated the school network and thus has made WLAN-Student redundant. In this update, the joining to the school network for iDevice is rather painless, unlike the old settings.

Anyway, here are the steps.

1. Opening your Wi-Fi Networks setting page and select WLAN-SMU. (I am connected to robertsky at the point in time. That is my private wifi network with my laptop as the access point. A separate post on it soon.)

2. You will encounter a login screen immediately. Please key in your username president.tan.2011 and password istana. (Note: Do not use the above credentials. It is just an example and most likely not to work!

3. Once you have joined the network, another screen will ask you to verify an unsigned certificate. Just tap on Accept. This certificate is essential for connecting to the school network.

4. Once done successfully, your iDevice will be connected to the school network seamlessly.

Foolproof, eh?


What is it like…

What is it like…

To go back to the days when Facebook is not the primary mode of communication?

Admittedly, the website has invaded in most aspects of my life. I am constantly on Facebook via an array of devices. I receive notification alerts on my iPod Touch; I receive email notifications through my GMail account. I chat with my friends via Facebook Chat. When I am off the site, I am constantly online on Facebook Chat still via the primary browser that I am using: Rockmelt. I am constantly connected with my friends via my newfeed stream; constantly chatting and sharing with groups/cliques via ‘secret’ groups.

The list goes on.

However, a new friend has brought that invasion to a halt. She does not have a Facebook account, even though she is a tad younger than me. *Cues music from suspense film* Amazing, isn’t it? Yes, one may argue that she is not keeping up with the times. *Look! EVERYONE is using Facebook! Who doesn’t?!* Her. Anyway whatever the reasons (DISTRACTIONS), what this brought about is a new-found curiosity. Admittedly, I would usually look at the profile of a new ‘friend’ on Facebook. Come on, who does not? Ain’t everyone curious about the others.

With Facebook, we know the past of the ‘friend’ without asking him/her about it. We know everything: “Who s/he went out with often?”, what are her likes and dislikes, what is her personality like, the list can go on. Without Facebook, we do not know about a new friend. Note: the lack of quotation marks. Not that I am defining who are friends or not here. I have great Facebook friends who are great off-line friends as well. Before I digress further… Without Facebook, making a friend becomes more active, more participatory. We ask for more information, learn what are the out-of-bounds, understanding the intrinsic motivations to act and emote her personality, learn how to be a better friend.

In my ending note: I am enjoying the process.


P.S. The newfound friend does have a presence online, Twitter and blog, and no, she is not behind times.


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