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Month: January 2011

Be content of where you are…

Be content of where you are…

And make the best out of it.

So far, my choices of schools were not my first. Monk’s Hill was the top choice only because of my poor grades, so was Yishun Junior College. Now I am in SMU SIS, my third overall choice for a university course. Nonetheless, I am trying to make the best out of it. Unfortunately, there are some people who refuse to face the reality that they cannot enter into their dream school(s). Like this girl in the video:

Appealing to enter ACJC

Oh well. Adjusting to the new school will be a bitch to her.



The frequency of the posts here has significantly decreased. But this does not means that I am abandoning this blog. Not after I have just settled my dues with my webhost. Rather, I am now busying with school (as usual) and unexpected developments.

My attention has turned to my choir blog – And yes, it is on wordpress (self-host) as well. It is an idea that has been incubating, rather, stagnating with the previous blog – (which I find it surprising cuz I would have thought that such a generic term would be snapped up fast). It has been given a new lease of life in the new domain. Currently the content is rather thin there. However, once we are done with our concert (which is next week), the content generation hopefully will pick up. 🙂

I am also involved in this year’s edition of Ballooning Bliss. I was with the CSP last year as a participant. This year, I am part of the org-comm, assisting in the development of the marketing collaterals. Wish me luck! And boy, I must say that the team is rather bonded. First CSP team to be formed for the year!

Lastly, I am involved in a case challenge, not as a participant. Yes, but as part of its org-comm. Hopefully it will be smooth.

That’s all for now. I want to prep for my first tennis lesson tomorrow! Nites!

P.S.: tagaroo strangely suggested “Villains in Power Rangers: Wild Force” as the sole tag. I wonder why.

[Updated] Unofficial guide to SMU Email Server

[Updated] Unofficial guide to SMU Email Server

Technology refuses to cease to amaze us. Below is an updated guide to configuring your devices to the email server. The previous version may still be relevant but is not maintained.


  1. This guide is used as it is. There are parts of the guide I have yet to test out, however have been found in the outlook help page.
  2. The acronym “SMU” refers to Singapore Management University. If you landed here in search for email configuration guide for other institutions (ie, Southern Methodist University), please consult your institution IT team instead.
  3. If there are any errors in this guide, please do comment in this post and I will correct it as soon as possible.
Version updates:
  • 1st Jan 2011 – Initial version.
  • 28th Feb 2011 – 1st revision
    • Revised the Exchange setting on Smartphones tab to correspond to the changes to server settings.
    • Expanded the scope to accounts.
  • 20th Jan 2014 – 2nd revision
    • Updated server settings

SMU has outsourced most, if not all, of its E-mail services to Microsoft through Live@Edu domain. As such, the configurations to the new servers are slightly different from the old servers.

This guide is mainly for the following devices/software:

  1. Microsoft Outlook 2010/2007
  2. Entourage 2008
  3. Exchange settings on Smartphones (Android OS applicable)
  4. POP and IMAP settings