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Month: February 2009

Sharing IP addresses

Sharing IP addresses

I was scrolling through my blog stats as provided by the WordPress plugin when I saw this interesting referrer:

What kind of link is this? It doesn’t really look like a search engine. Not caring if it is a phishing site, I just decided to click on the link. My logic is if someone clicked on the link to come to my blog, it could not be any more harmful than Google, right?

In this case, yes. I was directed this site:


As you can see, it displays a list of websites that shares the same IP address. Upon further checking, the IP address belongs to the hosting company I am with, There are 117 domains and sub-domains that are listed. Among these domains, that are interesting sites too!

Do you know that Joey Yung’s (容祖儿) official site is hosted on Limebox also?


Other than a pop star website, there are many blogs, gaming sites and even a poker site!

Apparently the X-Reverser is a script that can detect the domains which are sharing 1 IP address. For companies who do not wish to reveal their client list for various reasons may find this an annoyance. But in the meantime, let me use the script to randomly surf websites. Who knows what interesting stuff being thrown up. ^.^

How Much Can A Cup Of Bubble Tea Do?

How Much Can A Cup Of Bubble Tea Do?

I remembering plurking a similar title last month.

brokenshardz asks how much can a simple $1.50 cup of bubble tea do? (via)

All I got was about it being a sugar fix and a fat booster. The syrup used does contain plenty of sugar, while each pearl had 3g of fats. Admittedly, I am a fan of bubble tea. Almost every time I book out of my camp, I will go to Sweet Talk to get my cup. And I book out at least 3 times a week. Now, every staff in the store knows me.

Socially, a cup of bubble tea can foster bond between people. Whenever I am out of camp (for the matter of fact, anyone who gets time off), my campmates will request for cups of bubble tea, among other food stuff, to nurse their sweet tooth without fail. It is so easy to score points within the unit. However, we are obliged to buy for the rest as they do not get/want to take time off.

Personally, I will usually get a cup of bubble tea especially so when I am having sharing with friends over phone or face to face. It would not work well over MSN or Plurk. I like the fuzzy feelings I will get from all the sharing and… from the bubble tea. A cup of bubble tea will last for an hour of phone conversation. A cup of bubble tea will leave a aftertaste of sweetness for another 30 minutes, just like how the contents of the sharing keep repeating in the mind for a day or two.

Ah, the bliss.

Credits: Singapore for the Koi Cafe image.

Orgy Nights with Blue8118: Nights 2 & 3

Orgy Nights with Blue8118: Nights 2 & 3

I am combining 2 nights into one post due to loss in memory and pure laziness.

Orgy Night 2 – 31st Jan

On the 31st Jan, I went out with Nath for the 2nd consecutive night. We went to hunt prepaid numbers for her to use at Orchard, and landed with one from the 7-11 branch in Paragon. After that, we walked all the way to The Cathy to catch Inkheart, with another guy, named Squirrel, or rather nicknamed. Apparently he is from my base! What a small world. Anyway, the Inkheart movie was rather entertaining. After the movie, we walked all the way back to Wisma Atrium for a late dinner or supper. Nath actually wanted to go (<—) somewhere near Centrepoint to eat, but that stall was closed. We landed at a Japanese stall in the foodcourt still. We were its last customers to boot! After all this walking, we went home rather late.




Orgy Night 3 – 1st Feb

The 3rd night was a much more happening night. We were out with Darran aka limetouch at the Marina Square. I was having fun using Darran’s D90 and there were many shots taken. Darran culled them down to 12 shots only.

We went to Marina Sqaure for dinner. We had Carl’s Junior. Then we went to Esplanade to see whether we could catch some shows for free. Unfortunately, we did not see any. Instead, we went to the River Ang Bao. It was the last night for that event. Unsurprisingly, it was a bore. It was so small compared to previous years and somehow the sizes of the exhibits seemed inverted. Gaint chinese chess pieces; small zodiac paper statues.

The food section was a bit unimaginative too. Yes, those on sale were a novelty 3 to 4 years back. However, time does fly and its so common now.  The only thing of interest there was this boy who helped out in a drink stall. He was shouting himself hoarse and high-pitched, trying to sell a packaged Chin Chow drink. He was a real sport and not bashful. He enthusiastically posed for the camera when it was pointed to him. So much so that Nath could not resist posing with him! 

The Pictures

The pictures for the 2 nights can be found here and here respectively. They are Facebook albums, so you may need to login to view the pictures.

Windows 7 Beta

Windows 7 Beta

I have tried Windows 7 Beta for barely 2 weeks, before my brother decided to plug it. He thought that the video card error is caused by the OS. Whatever, I am waiting for him to re-install the Beta and set the computer on dual boot. I don’t know where he put the installation file. Rarely, I will give praise to any products from Microsoft, saving for Windows Live Writer and Windows 7 Beta.

Anyway, prior using Windows 7 Beta, I have been using Windows XP on a daily basis and Windows Vista on a bi-weekly basis. And I can truly say the Windows 7 Beta is practically flawless for a casual user like me. It is not as buggy as Windows XP and Windows Vista when both first started out. Unlike Vista, Windows 7 runs efficiently on this beat-up Pentium 4 3.0GHz, 3.1 GHz, and with only 1.5 GB of RAM.

My initial fears about installing the programs that I usually use on XP into the Beta were unfounded. Despite being tagged as supported up to Vista, the programs (Chrome, Windows Live Writer, Messenger) worked well except for iTunes on certain occasions. the iTunes didn’t work well due to Windows 7 Beta attempts to index the library file which is in xml format and continuously being updated. This took up most of the resources I have on my computer. Even the Readyboost functionality wasn’t of anyway. I decided to turn the indexing off to save the trouble.

I just told my mother when we are getting any new computer(s) in the future, we are to insist on the Windows 7 instead of Windows Vista. Despite of Vista being less buggy over time (like Windows XP), Windows 7 will require less specifications on the computer and thus more efficient or even cheaper to use! I am awaiting for Windows 7 to come.

Quick Bites: 25 Random Things About Me

Quick Bites: 25 Random Things About Me

This is lifted directly off from my Facebook account.

  1. I have more active friends online than offline. All thanks to
  2. I am struggling to learn guitar at the moment and fail spectacularly.
  3. I am stuck to the computer every moment I am at home.
  4. I still haven’t complete the About page on my blog.
  5. I carry 2 phones with me: 1 for NS, 1 for normal usage. Note: normal include photo taking!
  6. I hate doing guard duty.
  7. My watch is with me for 4 years. Haven’t gotten round changing to another.
  8. I am a water buffalo. I can drink lots of water.
  9. I am stuck on Gundam 00 Season 2.
  10. I read manga all the time.
  11. I studied. (yeah, right)
  12. I visit these sites often: Ikariam, my blog, Facebook, Gmail, Plurk, Animecrazy and One Manga.
  13. I play Mafia Wars at the moment.
  14. I carry a pen with me all the time now. All thanks to NS…
  15. I miss JC life… I want to go back to school…
  16. I keep having the feeling that my brain is dead.
  17. I am using Windows 7 Beta.
  18. I love using my MP3. Especially on public transportation.
  19. My taste of music is way off from my camp mates, or even other friends. Who still listen to classical?
  20. I am having a general interest in this show: ????.
  21. I don’t like attending pop concerts or any concerts in modern day genres. But I try not to pass classical concerts up.
  22. I am having dinner while typing this.
  23. I am going out on an impromptu meet up with some online kakis.
  24. I am fat and proud of it =D
  25. I need to log off now! kthxbai!
Orgy Nights with Blue8118: Night 1

Orgy Nights with Blue8118: Night 1

Despite the catchy title, it is not. Nathalia touched down in Singapore on Friday. Brennan tried to jio people on Plurk to go to the airport to see her coming. But apparently, it was only me and him. Brennan was comical at the airport. He was literally running to the arrival hall. I had to call out to him, “Brennan. Oi! Brennan! Stop!” Then to catch Nathalia’s attention, who was at the belt with full intent on getting her luggage, Brennan thumped at the glass panel and waved like a monkey. Unfortunately, all it got was a back turned at him.

We went to the Starbucks at Terminal 2 for a cup of coffee and chatted about celebrating Chinese New Year in both Singapore and Sabah. The celebrations in Singapore is really muted compared to hers. Me and Brennan ended up how we celebrate in the army. We chatted till 11 and decided to head to Nathalia’s place to put her stuff there.

Once reached, we decided to go for supper. There was no more transport home then anyway. We headed down to Geylang on a taxi. It was real fast with the new expressway and rather cheap too, despite the midnight charge. Brennan kept asking the taxi uncle which is the best frog porridge in the area in Chinese when he is a Malay. Eh???

But we didn’t try the frog porridge anyway. We had some Taiwan food instead.

nil nil nil nil nil

After the food, we went home. Nath took a cab home as she did not have a direct Night Rider service while me and Brennan took NR7 home.


Update: More on the night over here. Her title is more catchy! >.<

Do I look like a walking directory?

Do I look like a walking directory?

Just in the afternoon, while I was walking to the bus stop, there was this Indian who came up to me. He asked, “Where is Beach Road?” I pointed past him, “There.” “Left? Right,” he asked again. “There! Walk straight behind you!,” I gestured again. “Oh, OK. Thank you.” I felt like strangling him.

Then while waiting for Blue8118 at Orchard, a totally pink Indonesian or Filipino maid, who obviously on her off day, came and ask me, “How to go Isetan? I don’t know.” I was already distracted by waiting for Nath, and she came and asked me. “Can bring me there?” Furious, I decided to bring her the back way, which not many people use it. The sadistic satisfaction I gotten, “I scared.” probably calmed my nerves down. She was not suitable for that shade of pink to begin with.

edited with requests from Blue8118 herself. =P