Quick Tip: WLAN-SMU for iDevices


The University has recently updated the school network and thus has made WLAN-Student redundant. In this update, the joining to the school network for iDevice is rather painless, unlike the old settings.

Anyway, here are the steps.

1. Opening your Wi-Fi Networks setting page and select WLAN-SMU. (I am connected to robertsky at the point in time. That is my private wifi network with my laptop as the access point. A separate post on it soon.)

2. You will encounter a login screen immediately. Please key in your username president.tan.2011 and password istana. (Note: Do not use the above credentials. It is just an example and most likely not to work!

3. Once you have joined the network, another screen will ask you to verify an unsigned certificate. Just tap on Accept. This certificate is essential for connecting to the school network.

4. Once done successfully, your iDevice will be connected to the school network seamlessly.

Foolproof, eh?


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